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A little something
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Bit of me
uwntme269  love that first pic
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New Experiences in Life
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I am not sure how many people take the time to read this. Not exactly sure how much I should share, or who cares. But I thought I would say why I am doing this.

My name is Annie, I'm 44 and live in Canada. As for why I am, I am not sure. A part of me wants to see how it feels (apart from scary). Another part of me I guess wants to feel sexy, desired...And while I really DO NOT want to sound like a cliche, yes I am married. And yes I am lonely.

But I am not doing this for this reason. I am doing this for me. I am curious what kind of reaction I will get. So good or bad, please let me know. What you like, don't like...The truth it, I don't really know who I am sexually, or how I feel about my body, and this is something I want to experiment with. So honesty is the best policy.

Love A
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LittleWife: Deep Throat
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LittleWife licks and sucks penis to perfection.
uwntme269  can i be next
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LittleWife: Garter Fuck
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LittleWife's garters frame her small ass and tight cunt.
uwntme269  wow, these made me hard
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Panty show
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Wife loves to show me her new pantie's
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Bedroom play time
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My wife got so horny from reading all those nice comments from our last post, she needed some cock really bad. she said she was thinking about all those guys wanting to have her suck there cocks and slide there hard cocks in her. we hope you enjoy.
uwntme269  Very Sexy Set, would love to see her bent over in front of me,
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Morning bj with happy endings
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The Mrs woke up horny and wanted to start the day with a huge load of cum down her throat, who am I to deny my beautiful wife.

She asked me to remind you that this was first thing in the morning and that she is not looking her best for you, lol, yah right !
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Hairy pussy
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As it is usually kept nicely trimmed and shaved we got alot of requests for a photo series with her pussy hairy. So she grew it in and here they are . . .
uwntme269  Wow, what amazing pics.So sexy.Love the picture with his cock on top of her ass.
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Random pics
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Just taking some pics
uwntme269  Beautiful body, love pics.
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My pictures
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I'm so horny, please someone help me
uwntme269  so sexy
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First attempt!
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This is our first attempt at posting...hopefully it's enjoyable!
uwntme269  So sexy beautiful tits
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Her beautiful boobs and her big fat p...
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We are getting off on all the comments and support! Please keep up the good vibes!!!!!!!
uwntme269  Hot post, love those perfect tits
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Am I firm enough for you?
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Nothing bad happened to me after my first post, so I'm sharing myself with you again. May I keep going?
uwntme269  fucking hot
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Would you fuck me ???
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A friend of adultism asked me to ask to you this question. Tell me how? I promise to retain the most original ideas and realize
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As You Wished
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There were a few requests that you wanted filled so here they are, let us know what you think
uwntme269  The first pic is so fucking hot. Perfect body...
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I am back... do you all want me to po...
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Not much to say, i removed my posts but due to all the support i am now back..

please favorite, like, and comment if you enjoy this...

as long as there is good feedback i will be on here, responding to messages and posting

thanks so much


Michelle Vicari
uwntme269  perfect upskirt
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Camera hates my fatty ass.. u2?
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I'm loving your attentions.. and hearing your desires for me. but isn't my ass kinda big?
uwntme269  perfect ass
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Fucked again
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My pussy getting fucked good!!
uwntme269  these pics are too much to handle. wow
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Me in my Christmas red
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Christmas is cumming, its nearly time for the fat old man to empty his sac... LOL