Pussy Eating

Pussy Eating

Pussy eating, or cunnilingus, is the act of oral sex performed on a woman. Pussy eating is also known by numerous slang terms, including muff diving, eating at the Y, going down, going south, carpet licking, box munching, and many others. Pussy eating can be a means of foreplay or an entire and complete sex act. It is practiced by both heterosexual couples and lesbians, and usually produces intense pleasure for the woman and is very exciting for the man or woman performing the act. Pussy eating can employ many different techniques, depending on the skill level of the individual performing the act and often the personal preferences of the recipient. Pussy eating usually involves licking or sucking all parts of the female genitalia, including the outer and inner vulva and clitoris. Sometimes the tongue is inserted into the vagina. Some pussy eaters also blow air on the vagina or clitoris, and many use a technique known as “saying the alphabet,” where the pussy eater uses his or her mouth to form all 26 letters of the alphabet while working their mouth against the woman’s vaginal area. Some also include manual stimulation to accompany this form of oral sex, inserting their fingers inside the vagina while licking or sucking the clitoris simultaneously as a means of intensifying the sensations for the woman. Sometimes the woman lies on her back, or the couple may opt to have the woman sit on his or her face to have her pussy eaten.

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