Weird Insertations and Objects

Weird Insertations & objects

There are some people that are more adventurous than others and like to do things in a nontraditional way. These people sometimes allow their sexual appetites mimic their adventurous lifestyle. These people can find sexual pleasure with many things, including inserting things in their pussy and ass that others feel is off limits. This also includes cock stuffing. Women like to insert things that have a phallic shape. This can bring them great pleasure because they like the feel of unusual objects in their bodies. The different textures of these items feel different and can bring the excitement back to sex they were missing before. Some women do it to please themselves or their lovers. Either way, they have great fun doing it. Men like to insert things into their ass as well. This is something that brings them pleasure and allows them to experience something unexpected in the bedroom. These men aren’t always gay, they like the stimulation that comes from an object pressing against their prostate. There are some men that have taken this to a new extreme. These men have begun to insert small cylindrical objects into their urethra, hence the name cock stuffing. These objects can range from wire, thin tubes and other objects. The urethra can be stretched to the point larger items can be inserted, including fingers. There are some men that have begun to stretch their urethra large enough to accept another cock into their cock. These men have found extreme pleasure in insertions.

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4 kjea
Weird insertations
57 10
When the bottle ran out...
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No story just her playing with vegetables in wet cunt.
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Fucking my slut wife with a fanta bottle
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Horny milf puts a cold popsicle in her hot pussy!
Playing with herself Playing with herself
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More of my pussy
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6 chromeit2007
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She sure loves our bedpost.
Mix of my wife Mix of my wife
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My wife , I loved
Just another warm up for the threesome Just another warm up for the threesome
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The bigger the better
Old Pics Horny Wife Old Pics Horny Wife
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Wifes Pussy
Requested photos. Enjoy! Requested photos.  Enjoy!
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I has some requests for some older photos, erect and some...
Christine back Christine back
8 Carlo196000
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No storys
My dirty girlfriend My dirty girlfriend
7 dexxxter
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My girlfriend ass, pussy and tits.
Panty stuffed pussy!!! Panty stuffed pussy!!!
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Needed something in my wet pussy so decided to stuff my p...
Shoving huge dildos up her puss Shoving huge dildos up her puss
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Just a few pics of our big dildo collection
Pussy salad anyone Pussy salad anyone
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My fav meal pussy stuffed with veggies
Mrs Hot getting slutty Mrs Hot getting slutty
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A video from the leopard mini fun night. As you can see M...
This bud's for you.... This bud's for you....
Weird insertations
104 46
As promised, the vid i am a firm believer in recycling b...
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Some new for u Some new for u
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For mmy lovers and friends
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For my fans and friends
Pretty sure I did say "DIRTY" Pretty sure I did say "DIRTY"
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You can't say i didn't warn you.. your move
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Just a horny friday...enjoy and comment pls :D
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Men or toys are not always around to please me. It's not ...
Anal fisting Anal fisting
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I hope you like it
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Just random pics for you
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Making my roomates brush smell like pussy Making my roomates brush smell like pussy
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She was at class i was at home. I always put her items an...
Drinking vex Drinking vex
12 oldmargomilfton
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Some say i might have a drinking
Random selfshots 4 ur pleasure Random selfshots 4 ur pleasure
16 lipstick11
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Me slutty
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