Latina sex is sex between two or more people that involve a woman who is of Hispanic descent and inhabits the United States. They identify as being from Latin American countries and the Iberian Peninsula consisting of Spain and Portugal. Latin culture as a whole is known for being fun-loving, romantic and sexual. These ladies are worshiped for having thick, luscious lips and shapely bodies. Their naturally tan skin and brown eyes are seductive as hell. Just as Shakira’s “hips don’t lie”, neither do other Latina beauties. Loyal catholic women by day, by nightfall many are caught partaking in sensual dance. This includes the salsa and meringue. These dances imitate sensual movements used in sex. One look at them swirling their hips to the music and you would be instantly attracted. Just as the food they cook, they are nothing short of spicy. Latina women also have a very exotic look and a natural beauty. It takes a special kind of woman to wake up looking sexy as hell. Their sexy Hispanic accent can drive a lot of men wild. Brazil is known for their Victoria Secret Models, Venezuela for their pageant queens and Univision for their bombshell news anchors for a reason. Latina’s have an undeniable radiance and confidence. This causes them to let loose in the bedroom, and transform into the wild freaks they are. No wonder why these women are so hard to resist. They have a Caribbean fire inside them and it shines through everything they do.

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