What is bisexual? A person saying they are bisexual is something that is becoming very common in today’s society. It’s a statement that lets people know that they are sexually attracted to both men and women. Those that choose to follow those sexual proclivities find they enjoy having sexual relations and relationships with both men and women. Bisexuality was something that has been in practice for many years. There weren’t always labels that divided those that loved the same sex and those that loved the opposite. It was all commonly known and accepted. As time went on society became more structured, it wasn’t as accepted nor was it openly spoken of any more. There are many people that believe that a man or woman can only be heterosexual or homosexual. People of this opinion think those that are bisexual are only experimenting with the sexual pleasures that could be had of both sexes. Because of those misconceptions, the bisexual community has decided to make their voices heard and speak out about their desire for equality and understanding. When most men think of bisexuality, they think of a time tested fantasy, watching two women have oral sex and have sex with him. This is something that many men have fantasized about and believe that only women with bisexual tendencies will allow them to live out their fantasy. There are some women that love to see two men having sex, orally and anally. Despite the many different fantasies people have about bisexuality, it is real.

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