Lesbian is a term most widely used to describe a sexual and romantic desire between females. The word lesbian comes from the Greek Island of Lesbos. Oral stimulation of the clitoris and other parts of the vagina is a common sexual activity between women. Lesbians also enjoy tribadism, which is dry humping each other. Most people call this “scissoring”. These ladies also enjoy fingering each other to hit their G-Spots. For deeper penetration, a lot of times they will use strap on dildos and other sex toys. Lesbians can enjoy many different positions such as doggy style, which would involve the other woman massaging their breasts and fingering them from behind. Research shows that women are more likely to achieve orgasm with a woman, rather than a man. This is because women know what other women enjoy and what it takes to get them off. Also, women are more likely to provide an emotional aspect in sex. Women are more likely to be comfortable with each other and able to communicate their sexual needs and fantasies. Furthermore, they understand women’s bodies because they have the same body parts. Other aspects of lesbian sex include full on body contact, instead of direct genital contact. Sometimes one female takes on a male role and may cut her hair short and dress more masculine. This is usually called “butch”. The other woman may be the “fem” and have more girlish qualities. Either way, one beautiful woman is hot, but two is double the fun.

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