Public Nudity and Upskirts

Public Nudity and Upskirts

Public nudity is when people, usually intentionally, are partially or completely nude in public places such as shopping malls, parks, beaches, or even restaurants. The upskirt is when a woman intentionally or accidentally exposes her underwear or bare genitals under her skirt or dress. When intentional, public nudity and upskirts are acts of exhibitionism, where the one exposing him- or herself gets a sexual thrill by showing off parts of the body usually clothed in public. Public nudity, depending on local ordinances, may or may not be legal, but it is usually not; hence the thrill for the exhibitionist. Persons engaging in public nudity get aroused by exposing themselves on public walking trails or along roadsides, or even in sidewalk cafes or parking garages. They may or may not engage in sexual activity while being out and about nude. Many men have found the act of looking up a woman’s skirt arousing since they were schoolboys. They’ll go out of their way contorting themselves to get a look at a woman’s lacy panties or better yet, bare buttocks and genitals, under a girl’s skirt. Some have even used mirrors on top of their shoes to position between a woman’s legs in public places in order to catch a glimpse under a dress. Some women intentionally wear very short skirts with no panties (aka going commando) as a means of subtle exhibitionism, sometimes bending over or spreading their legs while sitting down to provide a better view.

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