Lingerie and Stockings

Lingerie and Stockings

There are many things that delight a man, and a woman dressing up in lingerie and stockings is enough to make a man feel as if it’s his luckiest day. There is nothing prettier to a man than a dressed up pussy. This may not make sense to some but it does to many. When a woman takes the time to dress in lingerie and stockings, she is taking the time to look nice for him. It is something that strokes their ego and makes them look forward to the different pieces their sexual partners are willing to wear for them. It’s like a gift that never gets old. Men enjoy lingerie and stockings for different reasons. Many of them feel they are able to have sex with a different person because of the lingerie and stockings that are worn. Those that wear the lingerie and stockings are often able to let go of different inhibitions, much like they would if they were wearing a costume or uniform. There are some men that like to wear lingerie and stockings. These men like the feeling that it gives to them and they feel just a little naughty. Most men that do this, do so because they actually are tactile creatures. They like the way things feel against their skin and they are turned on by wearing lingerie and stockings. No matter why people wear it, it’s something that is visually stimulating. There is a variety of pieces and enjoyment to be had.

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