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Crossdressing and Shemales

Cross-dressing is when someone chooses to wear clothing and/or accessories of the opposite sex but have no desire to become the opposite sex. They may do this to fulfill their curiosity or act out a fetish. Females are also known to cross-dress, but they aren’t given as much focus in the sex industry. A sexy man dressed as a woman is the best of both worlds for a lot of people. Some cross dressers feel that women have a greater variety in the types of clothing they are allowed to wear. Many cross dressers love the texture and softness of women’s clothing. They find it very arousing, as do a lot of people watching them. Shemales are men who wish to be women and sometimes go to extensive lengths. This usually involves having augmented breasts and using hormones. Other slang terms include chicks with dicks, dolls with balls and dudes with boobs. The shemale and cross-dressing porn industry has grown immensely in the last 10 years. Many people believe that nobody is completely straight or gay, so sexual acts with a shemale are a common fantasy to have. Back in the day, cross dressing was a form of punishment. In this generation, it is has became not only accepted, but a personal choice for some. Cross-dressers and shemales are novelties to say the least. A lot of men love to see a hot woman with something extra. They see them as a dominating female, and that is a very attractive trait for any male.

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