Anal Sex

Anal Sex

Anal sex is the act of one partner inserting an object such as a penis, finger, or toy into the anus of the other partner. The act itself is not limited to male on male partners, and with regards to male on female partners the act is not limited to penetrating the female’s anus. Many times the female will also use an object to penetrate the male’s anus.

Most partners engaged in anal sex experience an orgasm. With males who are penetrated anally, the orgasm is usually obtained by the stimulation of the prostate gland as the object used for penetration rubs against the prostate through the anal wall. So orgasm may be obtained with or without direct stimulation of the inserted partner’s penis. With female who are penetrated anally the orgasm is obtained through the legs of the clitoris or “G” spot which extend along the vaginal lips back to the anus. So once again, an orgasm may be achieved with or without direct stimulation of the inserted partner’s clitoris.

Adequate lubrication is recommended when engaged in anal sex since the rectal mucous membrane does not itself provide sufficient lubrication for sexual penetration. By using some form of additional lubrication the inserted partner lessens the risk of tears to the delicate tissue of the anal sphincter and rectal walls. In all instance of anal sex, the partners should precede in a slow well communicated fashion to unsure the maximum pleasure for both partners.

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