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Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night is a phrase that some people use all year and make a point to have a good night (or day) in many different ways. Everyone has their favorite holiday that the most favorite sexual holiday for many people is Christmas. There are some people that love Christmas fantasies because they can sit on a naughty Santa’s lap. These people like the idea of such an icon spanking them because they have been naughty or having sex with them so they can be put on the good list. Because Christmas is a real holiday, many people find they are perpetually turned on by the Santas they pass in the mall and other stores. Other people like having Christmas fantasies because they can dress up as a sexy Mrs. Claus and seduce people. This is a fantasy that many women have played for their lovers and enjoyed it. They like having the power to transform such an iconic figure into someone that is a sexual vixen. Not only do they get to dress up, they get to pass out a gift that will continue to bring smiles. Christmas is a holiday that many people decide to give different gifts and they are often associated with great memories. With all those feel good memories, a lot of people want to share something memorable with their lovers and spouse. Christmas is a holiday that is merry and these fantasies ensure they are very merry.

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