Weird Insertations and Objects

Weird Insertations & objects

There are some people that are more adventurous than others and like to do things in a nontraditional way. These people sometimes allow their sexual appetites mimic their adventurous lifestyle. These people can find sexual pleasure with many things, including inserting things in their pussy and ass that others feel is off limits. This also includes cock stuffing. Women like to insert things that have a phallic shape. This can bring them great pleasure because they like the feel of unusual objects in their bodies. The different textures of these items feel different and can bring the excitement back to sex they were missing before. Some women do it to please themselves or their lovers. Either way, they have great fun doing it. Men like to insert things into their ass as well. This is something that brings them pleasure and allows them to experience something unexpected in the bedroom. These men aren’t always gay, they like the stimulation that comes from an object pressing against their prostate. There are some men that have taken this to a new extreme. These men have begun to insert small cylindrical objects into their urethra, hence the name cock stuffing. These objects can range from wire, thin tubes and other objects. The urethra can be stretched to the point larger items can be inserted, including fingers. There are some men that have begun to stretch their urethra large enough to accept another cock into their cock. These men have found extreme pleasure in insertions.

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