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Valentine’s Day, February 14th, is a secondary holiday observed in many western countries. Its originated from the celebration of early Christian saints named Valentinus, but didn’t acquire romantic connotations until poets of the Middle Ages began associating it with courting and romantic love. Many images and objects have long been associated with Valentine’s Day, including hearts, Cupid, and doves. To call someone your valentine is to say that they’re your sweetheart, mate or lover. Today Valentine’s Day is known as the holiday for lovers, where people often gift their steady or intended sweethearts with flowers, chocolates, jewelry, romantic dinners, wine and greeting cards. Another favorite gift is lingerie, which can bring pleasure to both the giver and recipient. The lingerie of Valentine’s Day is usually red, but can also be black, white, pink, or any combination thereof, and is often made of silk, satin, lace and ribbons. The lingerie can be romantic, feminine and frilly, or naughty and raunchy, often revealing the breasts or genitals and worn with sexy high heels. There’s even a wide selection of fetish gear tailored for Valentine’s Day. Men can also dress up for Valentine’s Day by wearing revealing underwear or the traditional boxer shorts with hearts.

Many love to see their valentine dressed up in sexy lingerie, tangled in satin sheets with rose petals, and bearing promises of a long night of romance and sex. In any case, this holiday is usually a welcome excuse to get your beloved, or anyone, in bed.

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