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From the French ‘voir’, ‘to see’, or ‘one who looks’. Voyeurism is not a new phenomenon, and there are examples of this behavior, according to one study in the Bible. Voyeur videos have been made for decades. A voyeur is someone who derives sexual pleasure by watching others undress, have sexual intercourse, or other actions usually deemed private. Voyeurism may involve the making of a secret photograph (voyeur picture) or video of the person or persons engaged in intimate activity (voyeur video). Some voyeurs gain sexual pleasure simply by seeing nudity or sexual activity, which is considered normal and common. A voyeur may observe a person without them being aware of it, observing from a distance, with the use of two way mirrors, hidden cameras, secret photography, and other devices. Some digital cameras today are so small that they would have been considered ‘spy cameras’ in decades past, and some are capable of capturing images that are opaque to visible light. Those type of voyeur videos are very popular at Adultism due to their amateurish style of recording the voyeur video. A voyeur and an exhibitionist are a match made in paraphilia heaven, one loves to watch, one loves to be watched. You’d think this would make for beautiful music, but each person in the world has his own individual desires, turn-ons and limits, which can make it difficult to know where to draw the line when engaging in erotic desires. Consensual voyeurism could include watching a partner undress or masturbate, checking out an internet live cam, visiting a nude beach, or watching people have intercourse at a sex club. Voyeurism is about sexual satisfaction, sometimes involving one person (the voyeur), sometimes two people, or more, depending on the need of the voyeur. (example, A wife wants her husband to watch her have intercourse with one or more people, or the husband wants to watch his wife have sexual relations with other men or women.) Obviously, we don’t allow any pictures being posted without the consent of the one in the picture or movies. But a fantasy doesn’t hurt ;-)

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